1) Try to avoid enemy’s bullets, try to move a lot in different directions, various maneuvers can help you to survive.

2) Always plan your next move in the game, keep an eye on your opponent, make sure that you keep your distance.

3) This game is really hard when it comes to controlling your character, in order to get better I highly recommend you to do some pieces of training.

4) Different weapons have different flying speeds, different trajectories, and different impact effects. Play the game for a while in order to get used to all of them.

5) Don’t forget your main objective, your number one task is to push your opponent off the building, focus on it and forget anything else.

6) Your AI opponent is pretty tough, don’t lose your focus or you will lose in no time.

7) My final suggestion is to relax and have fun, players usually fail when they are too stressed and too focus, try to take it easy and enjoy the game for real entertainment.