Can I play it for free?  Of course, you can, the game is completely free and you can play it online.
 I am new, is this game hard?  I must say that the game is really hard, controlling your character is the hardest part of it. It will take a while to get better in it.
 Are there any guides available?  We have a professional team in this game, we share our guides, you can find them here: About, CO-OP mode, Rules and Tips.
 Do you have video guides?  A couple of guys on this blog have really good YouTube channels, try to contact them and ask video guides.
 Is this game fun?  Game is really enjoyable and entertaining, it has challenging gameplay and pretty tough AI opponent.
 Your plans for community growth?  We sure have huge plans, we are looking for more bloggers that can write more guides and we plan to cover more online games.
 I still have questions, your ocntact details pelase?  First of all, you can list your questions in the comments section where all other gamers can help you, second, you can use our contact form, we will answer you as soon as possible.

I hope we answered all of your questions, we hope our work is helpful and useful for you.