So, guys, we have some questions here for you, are games more enjoyable when you play them alone in single-player mode or they are far more entertaining and fun when we have the option to play with your friends?

Some of our teammates say that single-player games are more interesting, other team members think that co-op games are a lot more entertaining and enjoyable.

How do you think which one is right? I personally belong to the people who find multiplayer games more interesting, I think playing with your friends makes gaming far more fun.

Anyway, in the Rooftop Snipers, you don’t have to worry about it. Why? Well because this game has both single-player mode and two-player mode, you can either play it alone against AI or you can invite your friends and play against each other.

Two-player mode is my favorite one, I often challenge my friends in this game and we often test our gaming skills, I must say that such form of competition can really help you to improve your gaming skills.

I already covered all the interesting aspects of this game, you can check our guides for more details. One thing I want to mention once again is that don’t undermine the power of AI player, he can be a really dangerous opponent, one small mistake and AI will send your character flying down from the roof.

I often use AI to improve my gaming skills and later on I can defeat all of my friends in this game and boast about it : D