Hi there dear visitor, you may wonder what this blog is all about, who are we, what we do, etc.

Let’s start step by step, shall we?

Okay, so this blog is fully dedicated to the Rooftop Snipers game. I started this project a while ago, I have collected interested people and we have decided to build this page. We plan to share content related to this online game, we found a couple of memes and you can find them here, you can also read different guides related to it and find some interesting tips, etc.

We are gamers, we play various games and we often share our experience with other people. We are friendly people, we have a lot of knowledge and we are more than happy to help you.

We write different articles, a couple of our team members also have their YouTube channels and they share video guides as well. You can follow our social media pages, track our activities and learn all the interesting details if you are interested.

I believe I have answered your questions above, if you have more questions or suggestions feel free to leave them below in comments, you can also use our contact form.

With that being said, we are happy to see you here, we are happy that you interested in our project and we hope you can help us to grow bigger. Let’s build a friendly community and make some friends online, shall we?